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Apply to Be a Crockett Doodles Partner Home

We love our Crockett Doodles Partner Homes!
We love our Crockett Doodles Partner Homes!

At Crockett Doodles our Partner Homes, Surrogate Homes, and Guardian Homes have allowed us to maintain pups of outstanding quality while expanding to become the best known and most followed network of family raised Doodle Breeders in the United States. We work with more than 150 amazing families to raise outstanding pups in wonderful environments. Through the years, we have had an increased demand for our pups, and we’ve been privileged to have increased applications from families wanting to be a Partner Home.

We understand that the basics of being a Partner Home sound amazing. We provide you with a top notch dog for completely free. We give you complete ownership over the dog as your pet. Our Crockett Doodles regional director works with you and your chosen vet for personal health issues, then at our expense, we take the pups for a 2nd full vet-check up to our preferred vet in your region. We also give back a large portion of the adoption fee to our Guardian Homes. There are many benefits, and we have an incredibly high satisfaction rate among our Surrogate Homes, Guardian Homes, and Transition Homes.

But you also need to be realistic. Raising puppies is A LOT of work! We can not stress enough the amount of time, patience, and love involved. If you are not an animal lover, you should NOT be one of our Partner Homes. If you’ve never had 12 pups in your kitchen for 8 weeks, and never dealt with that amount of poop clean-up in your house, it’s difficult to fully prepare for it. We’ve found that our network of support helps you get through the first litter, and when the next year comes around, you’re far better prepared. Raising puppies in your home is a TON of fun, but also a TON of work. We think being part of a network that handles all the logistics, health issues, marketing, etc. for you is definitely the way to go, but we’d be lying if we said that it is easy. We want to be completely upfront about this.

We have far more applicants for Partner Homes than we’re able to accept, so please be as detailed as possible in the form below. If your initial application is accepted, we’ll reach out to you to further discuss the financial arrangement, contracts, and set up the first home visit. Thanks in advance for your interest. Without our amazing Partner Homes, Crockett Doodles would not be possible.

Partner Home Application

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