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Best caption for Goldendoodle in Mailbox
March 19, 2018

$100 Contest Beginning March 19, 2018

March 26, 2018 update: Via Facebook we received thousands of likes, dozens of shares and far more than 1,000 caption suggestions for the picture above.

We let you vote on your favorite five, and 467 of you voted on your favorite choices. With the voting now ended, we wanted to announce this week’s winning caption.

  1. 1st ($100 winner): Angie Ryan-Payne: “We have a doodlegram” ❤️ 105 votes
  2. 2nd: Lauren Stephens: A mailman’s worst nightmare… or is it? 93 votes
  3. 3rd: Sheree Earl: Signed, sealed, delivered I’m YOURS!!!!  90 Votes

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Clarification: For those who are not familiar with Crockett Doodles, we NEVER ship our puppies; though we sometimes personally hand deliver a puppy to it’s forever home. We thought one of our guardian families captured a clever photo of this mini Goldendoodle pup in their mailbox, but we do not advocate shipping puppies of any kind.

Vote for Your Favorite Five Captions

Voting is now closed, but we’ve left the captions here for you to see some of our favorites.

  1.  Sheree Earl: Signed, sealed, delivered I’m YOURS!!!!
  2.  Jan Arrell: First class cuteness
  3.  Larraine Hebb: Special doodlivery!
  4.  Lauren Cedeño: “Just waiting on my Amazon prime order”
  5.  Rob Kowalk: “Woman checks mailbox; what’s inside is hard to believe!”
  6.  Christine Chicky: ALPHA MAIL!
  7.  Lauren DeStasio: “Really Mom..You didn’t order any treats.”
  8.  Colleen Jay Hammond: The best Doodles are out going!
  9.  Laura Venos: Does this thing come with a sunroof?
  10.  Symon’e Swantel Johnson: Would you look at that?! My name finally came up on the Crockett Doodle wait list!! This doodle was WORTH THE WAIT
  11.  Angie Ryan-Payne: “We have a doodlegram” ❤️
  12.  Dorothy Martin: “Where’s my TLC puppy food?”
  13.  Janie Bryan Eichorn: “Honey did you order something?”
  14.  Brian Chadwick: “We do not ship puppies” –
  15.  Jennifer Funk Thurmond: Mail….what mail…who needs mail when you are this cute?!!!
  16.  Katilyn Carter: The postman will never see me coming!
  17.  Linda Shelton: But Mommy I need to check the mail. I might have a surprise coming.
  18.  Renee Daugherty: Most adorable package ever
  19.  Chelsey Ramsey: Think they will see me in here??
  20.  Caitlin Farr: I wonder if they make these in larger sizes.
  21.  Kim Scholl: A doodle a day keeps the bills away!!!
  22.  Lauren Stephens: A mailman’s worst nightmare… or is it?
  23.  Judy Viscuso Vucinich: Rats….bath time again. Don’t tell mom where I am!
  24.  Jaana Teal Sheppard: They did say we could hide anywhere, right?
  25.  Kathy Falcone: “Is this what they mean by going postal?”
  26.  Jan Nance: This sure beats a bill!!
  27.  Cindy Bartley: I’m a male, not suppose to be mailed.
  28.  Geana Channell Keys: Waiting on the mailman to deliver my treats
  29.  Christine Duffy Simpson: Official stamp licker
  30.  Donna Miller: It seemed like a good idea at the time!
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