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Best Labradoodle Caption
January 15, 2018

We asked you to provide the best caption for this picture of our son Christian (when he was barely a toddler) staring at our black f1b Labradoodle puppy.

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We had hundreds and hundreds of wonderful doodle caption submissions, but these were our top 25 caption choices. Which do you like best?

Roxana Musa  And in that moment, they knew they’d be inseparable [This was our $100 winner; payable by check, PayPal or Venmo]

  1. Lindsey Peterson If you don’t tell mom I feed you leftovers, I won’t tell her you pooped behind the couch
  2. Brenda Rumley We may be little but we are mighty !
  3. Sue Taylor Here’s the deal….you bark, I’ll cry, first one to make a grown up come running, wins a prize!
  4. Sandy Corry Whitewater So, let’s get our stories straight before mom gets here!
  5. Angie Nitzel Gage How about tonight you eat those green things Mom tries to feed me?
  6. Kelly Osborne  We’re related? I just don’t see it
  7. Diane Cohoon Rossi Look here buddy you are really cute and all but let’s get one thing straight, I was here first.
  8. Lynn Lane A boy and his dog, nothing better!
  9. Robin Dyksterhouse You’re so much better then a baby sister.
  10. Farah Summers I hate to tell you little human, I am very good at stare out competitions!
  11. Amy Beard Oh, the things we’re gonna do!
  12. Sandra D Osborne Hey, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
  13. Kerry Baskin Thompkins  Hey, you’re small like me…but we can do anything together.
  14. Kaitlyn Cotov “The first meeting of two little innocent hearts that will create countless childhood memories by the purest form of love.”
  15. Kristin Martindale Clark When Mom asks remember, you did it, not me.
  16. Ann Nugent Flanigan Okay…once more…you bark and I grab the cookies!
  17. Stephanie Rivers Hite Here’s looking at you kid
  18. Pam Bailey I’m a doodle dog. What breed are you?
  19. Judy Miller Who are you and where is my mom?
  20. Lynn Lane A boy and his dog, nothing better!
  21. Rana Conner Edwards “Will you be my human?”
  22. Allan Fullarton Child: Gee, what are we going to do tonight?Dog: The same thing we do every night! Try to take over the world.
  23. Adam Earl Finally….someone smaller than me….
  24. Laura Meadows “If they only knew.”

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