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Because Julie works from home, she has found a way to combine her love for animals with her job as an international recruiter. She has experience working with a variety of puppies, from newly separated pups to ones who ‘skipped’ early training. Her training style focuses on positive reinforcement which she believes is an effective way to train dogs. She finds Crockett Doodles’ pups rewarding to work with as they are both smart and affectionate. She works with puppies on crate training, potty training, and basic commands. These are important skills for puppies to learn, and Julie loves helping them become well-behaved members of their new families.

Crockett Doodles Team
We have assembled a top-notch team of outstanding professionals seeking to provide the best experience possible to forever families. Our communications team members answer pre-adoption questions and help prepare families for their upcoming match to their Doodle puppy.

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