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3 Amazing Doodle Breed Activity Levels

September 12, 2022
Doodle Breed Activity Levels

The Importance of Ranking Doodle Breed Activity Levels

Ranking our Doodle breed activity levels is a request we often get from families who are deciding which breed to adopt from us. Dogs, like their humans, are certainly unique so this is difficult to do with firm certainty.

Dogs also tend to absorb and “take on” the activity level of their home, so if your home is an active home, your dog will also tend to be more active. If your home is sedentary, your dog will likely be also.

Doodle Breed Activity Levels in Three Categories

We’ve attempted to organize our Doodles into three categories to help you decide which breeds may be the best fit for you. Remember that even an active breed can have slower days and a calm breed can have active days.

Dogs – like their humans – do not only have one level of activity.

Please also remember that the Puppy Stage of every breed is active, and you should plan accordingly. New puppy parents are tired for a few months no matter which breed they adopt.

These categories are meant to describe the overall activity level of our breeds once they are an adult.

Our 3 Doodle Breed Activity Levels:

Calm – These breeds tend to be mellow, friendly, affectionate and easy-going as adults. They tend to enjoy more snuggle time with their families and do not require as much daily exercise.

Moderate – These breeds tend to be friendly, social, involved with their families, loyal and dependable. They enjoy daily exercise.

Active – This does not mean these breeds are hyper as adults. It simply means these affectionate, intelligent, and loyal breeds also need regular daily exercise and tend to enjoy life with more energy than other breeds. They are probably not a good choice for a sedentary family lifestyle.

Calm Doodle Breeds

Calm Breed Cavapoo

Cavapoos tend to be more calm

Moderate Doodle Breeds

Moderate Breed Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles tend to be more moderate

Active Doodle Breeds

Active Breed Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles tend to be more active

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