we are pleased to announce…

a gorgeous litter of 9 f1b mini Labradoodles born November 2nd. Based on their 48 pound Labradoodle mom and 9 pound mini Poodle dad (Rover), we expect this litter of puppies to be 15-36 pounds fully grown. These mini Labradoodle puppies are very sweet and get along with everyone they meet! We believe they will make outstanding family members for their fortunate forever homes.

Tracy, the Labradoodle mom

Tracy, the Labradoodle mom

Rover, the mini Poodle dad

Rover, the mini Poodle dad


polly - girl

Polly is a pretty Labradoodle with gorgeous markings on her face and body. She loves to play outside with her siblings, and she is gentle, loyal, and compassionate. We believe that she will be a wonderful companion!

prim - girl

Prim is a cute Labradoodle with a wonderful personality. She is sweet, cheerful, and great around kids and other dogs. Prim loves to snuggle up to us at nights, and we will miss her dearly!

portia - girl

Portia is a cute little Labradoodle who is always down to play! She is so much fun to be with, and should continue to be great with kids. Portia is also gentle and very smart. 

poe - boy

Poe is an absolute sweetheart and he is the star of the show! He has a very handsome chocolate and white coat with markings on his face that make him look like he’s always smiling. He is very smart, super loyal, and loving.

philo - boy

Philo has a gorgeous chocolate and white coat and a huge heart for people. He loves following people around, and he especially loves being held and petted. We know that Philo will make a wonderful companion!

petey - boy

Petey is a confident and happy male Labradoodle. His tail is always wagging and he likes to follow us around the yard. He gets lot of attention from visitors because he loves meeting new people and knows how to pose for the camera.

prince - boy

Prince is a wonderful Labradoodle pup with a handsome multi-color, parti coat. He is a fluffy, fun-loving puppy who has been an absolute joy to raise! He loves to be held and petted, and he's a great cuddler!

pavlov - boy

Pavlov is a confident little guy with a vibrant love for life. He is a cutie, and we think that he will receive a ton of compliments. Pavlov is gentle, loving, and very sweet!

panda - boy

Panda is an adorable Labradoodle with a thick coat. He has a perfectly placed chocolate marking, and he loves to be loved and shown affection! Panda is fun-loving, gentle, and loyal.