Which doodle is right for you? Looking for a new puppy can be pretty daunting. As doodle breeds become more popular, there are more options to choose from. At Crockett Doodles, our mission is to pair our family-raised puppies to loving forever homes. 

Before you begin looking for a puppy, there are several things to consider. The first is to weigh whether your lifestyle offers enough freedom for a new member. Puppies tend to be a lot of work, especially in their younger, more energetic years. You want to make sure you can properly provide for the puppy's needs, like exercise, food, grooming, and health, to name a few. When you receive a new puppy from Crockett Doodles, we provide plenty of resources to help you begin your journey. 

All of our breeds are a result of breeding a purebred with a poodle. Why poodles? Poodles have some of the highest intelligence levels of all the dog breeds. Poodles are eager to please and have outstanding coats. Most of our doodle puppies are highly trainable and eager to please. They offer low-to-non-shedding coats for those who tend to have allergic reactions. And because our dogs are hybrids, they have the added advantage of typically having better health. Most of our doodles also come in a mini size, because of mini/toy poodles. 


Note: These numbers are simply estimations of what we've noticed in the past with our pups. We hope this will be helpful as you decide which breeds would best suit your family.



Doodle Breeds Comparison Chart

Weight (in lbs)


Coat Types


Mini: 7 to 25

Standard: 35 to 55

Tri-color, merle, chocolate, red, black, and parti-colored

Wavy to curly

Playful, energetic, affectionate, tends to have leader traits, very active and need regular exercise

Mini: 18 to 35

Medium: 35 to 50

Standard: 50 and over

Tri-color, Black and white, chocolate and white, red and white, tan and black, solid black

Mostly wavy to curly

Loyal, calm, social, gentle, moderately active

Mini: 5 to 10

Standard: 9 to 25

Red, red/white, blenheim, apricot, cream, black, or tri-color

Straight, wavy, or curly

Friendly, playful, affectionate, calm, quiet

Toy: 5 to 10

Standard: 10 to 20

Wide color variety, Cream, chocolate, red, partis, tri-color phantom, and merles

Straight, wavy, or curly

Affectionate, social, loyal, very friendly

Petite Mini: 8 to 25

Traditional Mini: 25 to 40

Medium: 40 to 55

Standard: 55 and over

Red, English cream, white, caramel, apricot, occasionally black, and chocolate

Straight, wavy, curly

Extremely friendly, playful, social, affectionate (makes a good therapy dog), smart (our overall most popular doodle)

Mini: 15 to 35

Standard: 35 to 60

Red, apricot, occasionally black

Long, wavy, sometimes curly (often a shaggy look)

Friendly, happy, loyal, social, quite energetic; one of the most highly recommended breeds for families with kids that need an active dog to play with them. Not a great choice for a sedentary family.

Petite Mini: 8 to 25

Traditional Mini: 25 to 40

Medium: 40 to 55

Standard: 55 and over

Chocolate, black, red, apricot, cream, merle, and parti-colored

Hair, wool, fleece (straight, wavy, or curly)

Friendly, confident, dependable, loyal, affectionate (makes a good service dog); great leadership qualities, love having a job to do; enjoy fetch; great swimmers; medium energy

Mini: 25 to 50

Standard: 50 to 105

Black, chocolate, parti-color/landseer (black and white or chocolate and white)

Thick and wavy; occasionally curly

Gentle, alert, friendly, loyal, laid back, known as Gentle Giants; usually exceptionally good with kids; perhaps the most mild-mannered of all our doodles; love swimming; not great jogging partners; excellent for little kids or more sedentary homes

Standard: 60 to 85

White, white/black badger look, or red, chocolate, apricot, and parti

Wavy to curly

Loving, protective, affectionate, nanny, often bond very closely with children and women

Mini: 35 to 55

Standard: 55 to 110

Black, Black and white, and multicolored

Thick, wavy coat; occasionally very curly

Affectionate, social, compassionate, calm, understanding, very similar Gentle Giant personality to the Newfypoos; we often recommend a St Berdoodle, Newfiedoodle, or Bernedoodle to someone wanting a very calm, gentle companion

Mini: 25 to 45

Standard: 45 to 75

Solid black, solid white, black and white, or red and white (rare).

Wavy to curly

Inquisitive, fun-loving, loyal, some herding instincts, more energy than some families realize; they look like big teddy bears, but OES were bred to herd, so some Sheepadoodles still have some herding instinct

Petite Mini: 9 to 20

Traditional Mini: 20 to 35

Standard: 35 to 55

Chocolate (liver) and white, tri-colored, solid chocolate, black/white

Straight, wavy to curly

Loyal, gentle, playful, eager to please, energetic, needs regular exercise, never want to leave your side; Springerdoodles and Aussiedoodles are great choices for families who exercise a lot and want a velcro dog who is constantly with them

Standard: 30 to 40

Tri-color, occasionally merle

Thick wavy

Usually laid-back, loyal, trainable, smart,combination of Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle


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